Privacy Policy

The privacy of our clients and staff is one of the main pillars of NONZE Hostel Policy.

Clients/Job Applicants should read this policy before sending personal data. Personal data refers to all information collected and recorded which identifies someone personally (e.g. name, address, contacts, etc).
Clients should certify that any children under the age of 18 do not send us any personal data without their authorization.

Within the scope of this policy, Nonze Hostel pledges to:
Explain the purpose and processing of any personal data requested;
Use personal data only for the purposes mentioned in this policy;
Only request the personal data necessary, taking measures to maintain such data up to date;
Maintain personal data for the time required for processing in accordance with local legislation;
Make available to clients/job applicants the means to access, amend, correct or delete their personal data;
Maintain the personal data which is supplied to us confidential and secure, except if we are otherwise required to release such data as a consequence of a legal order.

Privacy Policy applies to the following cases:
All Nonze Hostel Site(s)
Processing of data provided at any of our hotels, restaurants or other points of sale.
1. Collection and Processing of Personal Data

As a client of Nonze Hostel, your personal data and/or the personal data of members of your family may be requested for different purposes, more specifically:
Contacts: name, nationality, telephone number, e-mail, address, etc.
Date of birth
Credit card details
Fidelity programme card number
Dates of arrival at and departure from our hotels /restaurants or other points of sale
Information on children: name, date of birth, age, e-mail
Interests and preferences: e.g. location of room required, smoking/ non-smoking room, type of room and bed requested required, preferred newspaper, etc
Possible client comments during or after a stay at a Minor Hotel Group hotel.
As a job applicant or intern at Minor Hotel Group, the following personal data may be requested:
Contacts: name, nationality, telephone number, e-mail, address, etc.
Date of birth
Interests and reasons for your application
Education and training and professional experience
Curriculum Vitae
We do not request sensitive information such as: religious or philosophical beliefs, political opinions, information on health, racial origin or ethnicity, sexual orientation or union membership.

Personal data may be requested in different circumstances, including (but not limited to) the following:
Participation in marketing programmes (subscription to newsletters to receive offers/promotions, register in loyalty programme; contributions to surveys and/or comments of clients, competitions, social media and SMS marketing campaigns)
Hotel activities (e.g. room or table reservations, check-in and check-out; complaints or requests)
Supply of information from tour operators, travel agencies or on-line reservation systems
Internet activities (connection to Minor Hotel Group site; completing of forms to request online data - for example, online reservations, questionnaires, etc)
Job or internship applications.
2. Objectives of Requesting Personal Data

Personal data is requested with the following objectives:
Management of reservation and stay of clients
Improvement of the services we provide in our hotels, restaurants and other points of sale so as to understand client needs and exceed their expectations
Personalization of our services
Sending of newsletters, promotions and marketing materials. Clients may cancel their subscription to our Newsletter service by e-mail, clicking on the link in the newsletters we send by e-mail.
Recruitment of staff for Nonze.Hostel
3. Sharing of Personal Data

Nonze Hostel may share the personal data of clients / applicants with:
Nonze Hostel employees: more specifically to provide the services requested and/or to manage databases for clients / applicants (formally authorized by the relevant Data Protection Regulating Entity),
Local authorities – should it be required by local legislation or as part of Nonze Hostel investigations, in accordance with legal requirements.
Nonze Hostel also reserves the right to transmit any personal data in the event of sale or transmission of part or all of the company or respective assets.

In any case of transmission of personal data to third parties, we will strictly comply with legal obligations under the applicable laws and we will strive to ensure that said third parties use personal data in a manner suitable with this Privacy Policy.
4. Accessing, Changing and Deleting Personal Data

Clients / Applicants may access, correct, add to, update or delete their personal data by contacting Nonze by e-mail: Such requests will be dealt with as quickly as possible. Nonze Hostel may request a copy of a valid identification document so as to protect client privacy and confirm identification, before making any changes
5. Security of personal data

Nonze Hostel has implemented the necessary technical and organizational measures, in compliance with legal requirements, with the aim of protecting the personal data of clients and job applicants, ensuring confidentiality in accordance with the principles as described in this policy.

Whenever information is requested on credit cards, this communication is made Nonze Hostel secure SSL (Secured Sockets Layer) lines, when you are using a browser which allows SSL, such as Microsoft Internet Explorer or Google Chrome.
6. Reviews

We may amend this privacy policy from time to time, and for this reason we recommend that you consult it on a regular basis. This privacy policy was last updated on: 27 September 2017
7. Contacts / Queries

Should you have any queries about this privacy policy, please contact Nonze Hostel on the following e-mail:


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